My life’s a little crazy right now as we are meant to be moving soon, whilst packing a found these beauties which I realised I never put in my store.

In a bid to not have to pack them I’ve put them in my store on sale at £15 each. There’s only a few of each 5/5s and 4/4s and are available as of now… Don’t make me pack them! 🙊

I’ve got two badge / mirror packs as seen above that I’ll put in some random orders. Shop link in my profile ✨

Skull Glider WIP
Windigo Heart Jewels
www.windigoheart.comLittle hummer
www.windigoheart.comLittle crooked, old x-ray I found whilst packing

Skull glider drawing waiting for paint, Ltd Edition gold grim reaper Blaq Mass tee, jewels sketches, old little hummer water color, old xray

It was a good post day. Got my Coloring Book vol 2 book from @mementopublishing

Massive thanks to @brettherman for inviting me to be apart of this project. The book is incredibly massive and is full of wicked line drawings… now to get my crayons out! 😉

Regram from @bloodymarymetal - she’s working on our collab, putting little sterling bone frames round the miniture critter paintings which are clear resin finished. Exciting!